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Each work is a combination of the wisdom and inspiration from architects and artists. we respect all designs and try to find every possible to make the best works each time...
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for the staff to create the platform for the development,create the high-quality service for the customer
The creation of the brand for the enterprise,create economic benefits for the society

Our team

  • Sales Department
    Sales Department

    Excellent sales department- mainly discuss every detail of the customer requirements,to protect the interests of both as much as possible.

  • R & D Department
    R & D Department

    R & D departments continue to innovate, fully consider the needs of customers and breaking the inherent thinking

  • Design Department
    Design Department

    Design department carefully study the design draft,in persuit of the design of each detail are in place.

  • Production Department
    Production Department

    Production department, in order to the Seiko fine carving and the pursuit of perfection, will not let go of every detail and flaws.

  • Workshop - Our Factory
  • Workshop - Our Factory
  • Workshop - Our Factory
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